Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crown Brush Review

I purchased three Crown makeup brushes from Hautelook (also check out my Crown travel brush review here) some months back and have been using them consistently enough to do a proper review.  The three I purchased are the C433 (pro blending fluffy brush), C404 (small duo face brush), and the C405 (contour blush brush).  Now lets get down to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

C433 brush

C433 Pro Blending Fluffy brush-In short, I HATE it.  It is supposed to be similar to the MAC 217 which is my go to blending and crease brush.  It has the same shape and the white goat hair.  That is where the similarities end.  It is the scratchiest brush I have ever used!  I have tried conditioning it several times to no avail.  And then it has the nerve to shed.  NOT GOOD!  I would not recommend this brush.  I will be sticking to my MAC 217 thankyouverymuch!

C405 brush

C405 Contour Blush brush-This one is nice though it does have its ugly side.  It has white goat hair and is used for contouring and blush application and similar to the MAC 168 (which I don't own).  It is soft and not at all scratchy like the C433.  It applies color beautifully. sheds.  I can say that it is shedding much less than it did in the beginning.  I would say purchase this brush but you have been forewarned.

C404 brush

C404 Small Duo Face brush-I LOVE this brush!  It is similar to the MAC 188 (which I don't own) and is a duo fiber brush.  It can be used for liquid foundation, cream blush, and powder blush.  I use it for my highly pigmented blushes (ahem NARS) as it does not pick up too much color.  I have nothing negative to say about this brush.  It is soft and does not shed.  I would HIGHLY recommend this brush!

Crown brushes can be purchased from their website .  I do not believe I paid more than $15 in total for the three brushes, but then again, it was purchased from Hautelook.  Have you tried any Crown brushes?  If so, what are your thoughts?


  1. I bought two Crown Brushes from the same Hautelook sale. The C404 is ok in my opinion, but mine sheds like crazy! I have to pick the little hairs off my face after I apply my blush. The other brush (I think its called a "small duo fiber blending brush), had no shape & I couldnt imagine trying to blend eyeshadow with it. My 4yr old enjoys playing with it, so it belongs to her now. Lol

  2. Yep, that so-called blending brush was awful!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I was looking at purchasing a set from Haute Look because they did seem to be a good deal but I am a MAC girl. MAC does seem to be the standard by which brushes are judged. I'll just bite the bullet and purchase my brushes from MAC - the ones I've got have held up very well.

  4. so glad I read this post!! was so close to purchasing their brushes but all i've been reading are horrible reviews!!

    Ploy <3 x

  5. Thanks for your input, I was also just about to make a purchase from Hautlook. I'm a Mac gal as well and own almost all their brushes so I'm just looking for other brushes to branch odd to and add to my collection. $20 for the brush set might sound like a good deal but if the brushes are not good I'd rather go buy a Mac Lips Stick lol.

  6. Thanks for the awesome reviews. I'm glad I didn't purchase something that I was going to hate. Does anyone know anything about the Sigma brushes?? I was thinking about investing in them. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Great review - very informative and detailed! I've been eyeing these brushes for a while. I have all four of the bigger version of the Kabuki brushes from the Infinity and believe, they are super soft and give a flawless look when applying liquid, mouse foundation, or cream foundation! Haven't gotten the smaller version yet but I am very much planning on it. I really do think the smaller versions (C454-C457)are the dupes for the Sigma P80-P84 precision brushes. Can't imagine that they won't be able to provide the same results. I'm all about "efficient and effective quality for a lower price" and I think Crown Brushes are just that. Its not always necessary to buy high ends such as MAC, Sigma, Sonia K. etc. With proper research of blogs and reviews such as this, you dot the i's and cross the t's...your good to go ;) Thanks again for such a wonderful review !