Sunday, September 18, 2011

MAC Up The Amp Vs. Revlon Berry Haute

I've read that MAC's Up The Amp and Revlon's Berry Haute are dupes.  I have both, so I decided to do a comparison.  Both are very similar in texture and pigmentation.  They both are cream finishes with Up The Amp being an amplified cream finish.  They both feel very moisturizing on the lips and only require one pass on the lips to get a good color payoff.

MAC Up The Amp (top), Revlon Berry Haute (bottom)

Now onto the the color comparison.  Berry Haute has a touch more pink in it than Up The Amp, which has more purple in it than pink.  Up The Amp is also a hair darker than Berry Haute.  Bottom line is that they're are not exact dupes but they are pretty darn close.  Close enough so that you don't need to own both, especially since Revlon only costs $6 compared to MAC costing $14.50.

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