Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crown Brush 7 Piece Synthetic Travel Brush Review

Crown Brush was on Haute Look again, so I went ahead and placed another order.  This time for the travel brushes as I will be doing some traveling for work soon.  I opted for the synthetic brushes as I have not been so pleased with their natural hair brushes in the past.

The set consists of a powder brush, blush brush, spoolie, angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush, lip brush, domed blending brush, and a flat eye shadow brush.  They all come in a black nylon case.  They have a matte unlabeled black short handle with a silver ferrule.  The handle measures 5 1/4 inches long.  Tiny in comparison to a full sized brush.

When I first opened them, they had a pungent smell and had powdery residue coming from them.  The powder brush had a few loose bristles.  I washed all of them immediately and the smell went away and there was no more shedding.

The face brushes are very soft and dense.  I really liked the finish that the powder brush gave when I used it with my MAC MSF natural.  The blush brush wouldn't be my ideal blush brush as it is so dense but it did get the job done.

The eye brushes are also very soft.  The flat eye shadow shader brush packs on color nicely on the lid.  And I was very impressed at how well the blending brush blended.  I do not like the angled brush for eyebrows, it works much better as an eyeliner brush as it is very stiff.  The spoolie is a spoolie, nothing much to say about that.  The lip brush I found works better as a detailed concealer brush.  I used it to cover tiny blemishes that I had.

Overall, this brush set impressed me way more than the original three brushes that I ordered.  This set was $25, purchased from Haute Look.  If you're looking for a travel set, this is a good one to check out.


  1. I just received a travel set from Crown Brush today, the Badger one with the burgundy handles, but I'm not impressed at all. I find them both stiff and prickly, and I wonder if you noticed a change in yours after washing them? Naturally I haven't tried mine out yet, just brushed them against the back on my hand, but.. no, not impressed. I so wanted to love them, I've heard so many wonderful things about these brushes!

    Maybe I'll try to pick up a Syntho set next time they hit HauteLook, maybe they are softer than the Badger set. :)

  2. @Shamini-I didn't really care for their natural hair brushes so I opted for the synthetic hairs that time. They were way better!