Thursday, October 28, 2010

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation Is A Winner

After months of searching and countless Sephora samples, I have found my winning foundation.  And the winner is...NARS Sheer Matte!  NARS has three foundations in their line, Firming foundation (for mature skin), Sheer Glow, and Sheer Matte.  Everyone is always raving about Sheer Glow, but never about its red-headed step-sister Sheer Matte.  I guess they forgot about us oily skinned girls...until now.  Here's my two cents.

First, color match-this was the first (and only) foundation that provided me a perfect color match.  For reference, I am medium-dark with yellow undertones and a MAC NC42.  This equals to Syracuse medium/dark 1 in NARS.  Prior to sampling this foundation, I had the sales assistant at Sephora try to color match me for Make Up For Ever's HD foundation.  She had the nerve to match me with a dark olive-toned foundation color.  Had me looking a hot mess leaving that store.  After three more trips, she still couldn't match me.  Well, NARS got it right on the first trip!


Second, no break outs-there is always a break out risk in trying a new foundation.  I wore my sample (well actually two samples because I went back for a second when I ran out of the first) for 1 month and no issues.

Third, oil control-this foundation is supposed to absorb oil and control shine, which it does well.  Bottom line, I am not a shiny mess at the end of the day with this foundation.  Case closed.

foundation after 8 hours of work, no touch ups!

It is a sheer foundation that is light to medium buildable coverage.  I find that little to no concealer is needed unless it is a very dark spot (under eye area excluded).  It does not feel like you're wearing foundation at all, which is very important to me.  I hate "feeling" like I am wearing makeup. 

There is one drawback, the application.  You have to work quickly or it will be hard to blend.  After much trial and error, I found that my fingers are the best application tools for this foundation.  Ironically, that is what NARS recommends using to apply it anyway.  I work it in sections which allows me to blend it well.  Also, it does not come with a pump.  You have to order that separately.

 This awesomeness does come at a price, at $42 it is not exactly cheap.  I happened to take advantage of Sephora's Friends & Family sale and snagged it at 20% off ($33.60).  Well that's my two cents.  What's your favorite foundation?