Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How I Apply Under-Eye Concealer

I recently saw a good friend and we were discussing our horrible dark under eye circles.  And she asked me, how I apply my concealer.  So I decided to do a post about it (This is for you Ashley G!).  I use MAC's Select Cover-Up Concealer in NW35.  I use a NW shade even though I am a NC shade because the pink undertones in the NW shades counteract the blue tones in my dark circles.  I first prep my under eye area with an eye cream and then L'Oreal's Magic Perfecting Base.  I then take a bead size amount on my ring fingers and apply it to the area using a dabbing motion.  I take my MAC 224 brush and blend it starting from the inner corners and working my way down and out.  After, I check to see if it is enough coverage and apply more if needed.  I then set it with my face powder.

No matter how many hours of sleep I get or how many expensive creams I use, I will always suffer from dark circles.  So concealer is a must in my routine.  After I finish this tube of concealer, I want to try Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer next.  What concealer do you use?


  1. I own just about every concealer known to man. I recently decided not to apply it daily and just "own up" to my circles, and now everyone thinks I'm from

  2. Ashlee-I don't think I can live without them!
    Lydia's Vizions-I'm not as brave as you, lol!

  3. I use MAC Studio Finish concealer for my scars, not for my under eye area - I don't think I have much dark circles, more like under eye wrinkles. That 224 brush is a gem - I use it for blending Mineralize Skin Finish with the edges of my eyeshadow to soften them.

  4. Fieran-I have heard great things about the Studio Finish concealer. I may need to try it out!