Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Rock & Republic...This Time Eyeshadow

Rock & Republic is having a crazy sale.  They have discounted their eyeshadows by 50% and then on top of that, they are offering a discount code for an additional 50% off your order.  That means I got their regularly $28 eyeshadows for $7!  I only got start with, but I will purchase more.  The quality does not disappoint.  Just like their blushes, the texture of these shadows are buttery smooth and silky.  And the pigmentation is remarkable. 

I ordered:

Lost (shimmer finish):  medium brown with gold and bronze shimmer
Diffused (satin finish):  medium taupe
Fatalistic (matte finish): flat black

Lost, Diffused, Fatalistic
 Just like with their blush, the packaging is very luxurious and you get a lot of product.  The shadows come in at 3 grams which is twice the size of a MAC shadow.  Rest assured, I will be purchasing more while their sale is still going on.  If you plan on taking advantage of the sale, use the code ROCKCOSMETICS to get an extra 50% off of your order. 

P.S.  Their shipping was great.  I ordered on Monday (MLK day) which was a holiday and received them this morning when I came into work.  I'm impressed!

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