Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nordstrom's Halogen Taylor Pant-A Curvy Girl's Dream

I, like most women, am curvy.  But I am also small which means I have a smaller upper body with curvaceous hips and rear.  This proves difficult when I am trying to purchase pants.  See I am a US size 4/6 but most size 4 pants aren't curvy enough while the waist is perfect and the size 6 pants are the opposite.  I have my trusted pairs in basic colors but I was lacking a taupe/khaki pair of pants.  I went to Express to see about their Editor pants.  They must have changed the cut because those suckers do not agree with my curves.  I tried The Limited, New York & Co, and Ann Taylor, but surprisingly, they didn't have the color I wanted.  Fast forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (which is still going on until Monday by the way).  I noticed on their website a house brand that they carried name Halogen.  They have pants in different fits to accommodate most women's bodies.  The Taylor pant is for us curvaceous ladies.  I went into the store and low and behold, they had the color I wanted...AND  they fit.  I purchased 2 pair, one in taupe and one in brown.  They are regularly $78 but are $49 for the sale.  I wanted to share this with you gals in case there is anyone else out there who struggles with finding pants!

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