Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hunt For Nude Pumps

I have been looking for a pair of nude pumps for months now.  But not just nude, MY nude.  As a woman of color, I find that the mainstream color of nude is not MY nude.  It is more like a beige or a taupe.  I have searched high and low in stores and on the web and can't seem to find a suitable pair.  They are either the wrong color or the shoe style is, shall I say, stripper-ish!  I work in a professional setting and I don't think my company would appreciate a shoe with a 2 inch platform and a 6 inch stiletto!  I would prefer a closed toe shoe but would not be opposed to a peep toe.  So after months of searching, I am turning to my lovely readers.  Do you have any ideas on where I can find this ever allusive nude pump?


  1. I just purchased a pair of nude (well, our colour "nude") pumps on The style name is Aurora & the colour name is Hazel. Google "just fab aurora" & check them out. Hope this helps!

  2. I'll check them out. Thanks for your help!

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