Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips To Making Your Fragrance Last

Quite frequently, we will put on our favorite fragrance only to have it fade 2 hours later.  Well I have a tip for making your fragrance last.  Dab a little Vaseline on the spots that you are going to place your fragrance. Then spray or dab your fragrance on those spots and this well help to prolong your fragrance.  I've been doing this lately and I honestly can still smell my fragrance once I get home from work (for reference, I work 8-5).  Because Vaseline doesn't have a smell, it will not interfere with your fragrance's notes. 

I passed this trick along to a co-worker and she also found that it prolonged her fragrance.  If you do not have Vaseline on hand, you can also use Rosebud Salve, that works just as well.  Do you have any tricks for making your fragrance last?

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