Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Victoria's Secret Hypnotic Kajal Eyeliner Review

I purchased this about a month ago after I saw one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus "haul" it.  It looked really interesting and the packaging was kind of cute.  So I hopped on down to my local Victoria's Secret and picked it up.

It is basically a black eye kohl but without a pencil casing.  It is packaged in a gold plastic case with an applique sticker.  The kohl twists up and comes to a point.  There is no way to sharpen it.   The liner is very black and soft.  It does not tug or pull at your lids or water line.  It is very easy to smudge and it stays put on my water line.  I honestly can get about 6 hours of wear with this on my water line (which is unheard of for me).

The only drawback to this liner is that (as I mentioned above) you cannot sharpen it.  So to work around that, I apply it at an angle so the tip will not get dull.

This is my first time trying a Victoria's Secret cosmetic and I think I may try some more.  This retails for $12 and can be purchased select locations and online.

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  1. I like VS eye shadow's. They're great to keep in my purse for those days that I have unexpected events that come up and I want to apply light makeup to "enhance"!