Saturday, December 3, 2011

What I Use To Clean My Brushes

As you know, I have a ton of makeup brushes.  In the past, I've used just the MAC Brush Cleaner.  While it is an excellent brush cleaner, I felt that I was going through it too quickly for the price.  I believe it retails for about $12 for 7.9 oz and I was seriously going through a bottle a month.  Then I read somewhere that it was better to put a sprayer top on the bottle of the cleaner.  That helped but then I felt like I wasn't getting enough cleanser onto my brushes.

Behold Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap.  I have the Tea Tree version. This is an 18 in 1 multi-purpose soap that can be used for a variety of things, from shampoo to detergent.  It is loaded with good oils like Jojoba and Tea Tree.  I purchased this specifically to cleanse my brushes and let me tell you it works great.  It gets cream products out of my brushes like no other and it leaves my white goat brushes clean as a whistle.  I literally only takes a drop to get the brushes to lather and get clean.

This bottle was only $9.99 for 16 oz at Target and I highly recommend this product to clean your brushes with.

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  1. Johnson's Baby Shampoo (No More Tears) works wonders too on make-up brushes.