Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Trend-Lucite Accessories

Lucite jewelry was spotted all over the Spring/Summer 2010 runway shows. From Fendi to Michael Kors, Lucite was everywhere! While browsing Macy's accessories department, I spotted several Lucite jewelry displays. They're such versatile pieces that can me worn with any color because they're...CLEAR. I ended up picking up a Lucite necklace and earrings for $12 total as Macy's was having a phenomenal sale. What I like about the Lucite jewelry is that it adds visual dimension to an outfit, as the pieces tend to be on the chunkier side. I am going limit myself to wearing only one piece of Lucite at a time, as too many pieces can start to look cheap. However, you won't catch me rocking clear Lucite heels...that's just a no no!

1 comment:

  1. I WILL have to go by Macy's to stock up on accessories! Thanks!