Sunday, September 19, 2010

Urban Decay Heard Our Cries!

Urban Decay finally listened to their Primer Potion fans and released a more practical package for the cult favorite. The new limited edition Professional Size Primer Potion comes in a tube with a needle nose end. The original package, while cute and all, was not very practical. A lot of the product would get lost in the curves of the genie bottle, and you would have to cut it open to depot it (lots of depotting tutorials on YouTube). Also the doe foot applicator of the original bottle is less than sanitary, especially is you're using it on other people.

The professional size is 25 ml compared to the 16.3 ml of the XL size bottle and 10 ml for the regular size bottle. I paid $23 for the XL size bottle. The professional size retails for $29 at and Sephora. Since I am a huge fan (click here for my product rave review), I promptly placed my order from Sephora. Here are some comparison pictures.

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