Saturday, January 28, 2012

Essie Shine Of The Times

This is my first nail polish purchase under my stipulations for Nail Polish Out 2012 (see post here).  I'd heard rumblings in the blogosphere that Essie's Shine of the Times was a dupe of the super duper hard to find Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the original version).  Once I'd heard that, I knew this would be one of my 5 nail polishes I'm allowed for 2012.  And I'm so glad I purchased it!  It's a multichromatic flaky top coat.  The flakes give off shades of copper, gold, green, and blue and are suspended in a clear base.  It will be featured in my next Manicure Monday post.

So I now have 4 polishes left to purchase for 2012.  I think this may be harder than I originally thought.

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